The Andretti Global Team

Andretti Global, founded by the racing maestro Michael Andretti, is a real heavyweight in the motorsports arena. Launched in the early 2000s, this team is all about precision, performance and that unmistakable Andretti magic. Combine a lineup of skilled drivers, a dedicated crew and Michael’s racing expertise – it’s a winning recipe.

When it comes to the track, we don’t just compete; we dominate. From conquering INDYCAR to tackling the challenges of Formula E, Andretti Global is like a well-tuned symphony hitting all the right notes. We operate with top-notch facilities and cutting-edge tech – it’s like a racing nerd’s dream.

But here’s what sets us apart – it’s not just about trophies and glory. Andretti plays mentor, giving aspiring racers a shot at the limelight. It’s a racing family, where the pit crew has your back, and everyone’s gunning for that checkered flag.

We’re not shy of a little friendly rivalry, be it on a sweeping oval or a tricky street circuit. Andretti Global isn’t just a team; we’re a community of speed enthusiasts and thrill-seekers pushing boundaries together.

The next time you hear the roar of engines and catch sight of those sleek Andretti machines zooming past, know that you’re witnessing more than a race – it’s a legacy in the making, fueled by passion, camaraderie and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Michael Andretti

Michael Andretti is not just a racing icon, he’s a true connoisseur of the motorsports world. Growing up the son of racing legend, Mario Andretti, Michael’s journey is nothing short of a thrilling race.

In the high-octane realm of INDYCAR racing, Michael carved his path to glory during the 1980s and 1990s. His skills behind the wheel were like poetry in motion, capturing the hearts of fans and earning him numerous victories. The roar of the engines, the rush of adrenaline—these were Michael’s playground, and he danced with finesse on the asphalt.

Michael’s passion for racing didn’t stop at being a driver. He shifted gears to become a team owner. This move transformed him into a dual force in the motorsports arena. His teams not only compete but excel, showcasing a prowess that mirrors his own racing days.

Beyond the track, Michael is a fan favorite. He’s not just a footnote etched in racing history; he’s a personable figure who connects with enthusiasts worldwide. Whether he’s sharing anecdotes from his racing heydays or discussing the intricate strategies of a race weekend, Michael brings a relatability that transcends the checkered flag.

Today, Andretti continues to be a driving force in the ever-evolving world of motorsports. His commitment to excellence, both as a driver and team owner, sets a standard that aspiring racers and industry peers alike look up to. The Andretti legacy, carried forward by Michael, is not just about winning races—it’s about the love for speed, the thrill of competition and an affinity that unites fans under the banner of a racing dynasty. Michael Andretti isn’t just a name; he’s an enduring story of passion, perseverance and the perpetual pursuit of the next victory lap.


Dan Towriss

Dan Towriss is a visionary leader and insurance industry veteran renowned for his exceptional expertise in transforming businesses, empowering people, and raising capital to drive growth and innovation. He is a founder and CEO of Group 1001, with over 28 years of proven experience in the life and annuity business. Dan has led several successful acquisitions and restructurings to revitalize insurance operating companies, improving income and capital levels to create long-term value and job growth.

More recently, Dan has teamed up with Michael Andretti to form Andretti Global, a unique and wide-ranging motorsports enterprise. With a genuine passion for motorsports and deep partnerships in the industry, Dan is changing the way people look at the business of motorsports.

Equally committed to empowering people across the globe, Dan invests in strategic partnerships and leverages the power of sports and education to transform communities and make the world a better place. His commitments include serving on impactful boards such as the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, RISE, and Indy Women in Tech to empower and create opportunities for underserved groups.


J-F Thormann

J-F Thormann has worked alongside Michael Andretti for over four decades, officially joining the racing team in September 2006.

In addition to his overall managerial, business administration and strategic planning duties, Thormann oversees Andretti Global’s driver recruitment and team development programs.

A graduate of Towson University in Baltimore, Thormann spent many years in the petroleum industry before becoming Michael Andretti’s closest business advisor.

Thormann owned and operated successful retail sites for Shell, Texaco and Sunoco. He was also the Managing Director for the International Retail Corporation, which operated 17 high-volume Amoco, Mobil and Sunoco service stations on the Eastern Seaboard interstate highways. Thormann proudly serves on the Board of Directors for The Michael Andretti Foundation and Check It 4 Andretti.


Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards brought nearly 30 years of racing experience when he joined Andretti in early 2015. Edwards is responsible for programs across all of Andretti’s racing efforts, currently totaling 12 racing teams with over 170 crew members and engineers under his direction.

American born and UK raised, Edwards boasts an educational background from both sides of the pond with a BSc in Engineering Science and Mathematics from Reading University in England, along with an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

The motorsport roots for Edwards date back to 1986 when his racing career began as the Design Engineer at Tiga Race Cars working alongside former F1 pilot Howden Ganley. Edwards went on to serve as a race engineer, engineering manager, team manager and general manager during his 16-year tenure with Walker Racing.


Doug Bresnahan

Through a 1994 summer internship with Bettenhausen Motorsport, Doug Bresnahan discovered his love for the motorsport industry. Now decades later, Bresnahan went from cleaning race shops to serving as the Chief Commercial Officer for Andretti Global.

Bresnahan spent a year selling racing insurance before joining CART’s marketing and client services team, where he worked for nearly 10 years before joining Andretti’s sales and marketing department in 2007.

The Indiana-native is a graduate of Indiana University, where he studied Sports Marketing. Bresnahan has put his degree to work over the past 20 years gaining expertise in race promotion, experiential marketing, contracts, sales and partner activations.


Roger Griffiths

Having joined Andretti in the spring of 2014, Roger Griffiths serves as the Team Principal for Andretti Formula E and Andretti Extreme E. Griffiths’ vast background in many motorsports endeavors including Formula One, INDYCAR, American Le Mans Series, European Le Mans Series and Super Touring Cars, Griffiths has led Andretti Formula E to 10 wins and 32 podiums across nine seasons. He also served as the Technical Director for Honda Performance Development, where he experienced success at the Indy 500 in 2012 and the 2013 Driver’s Championship. The UK native is an engineering graduate of Loughborough University of Technology (1991) and the year following his graduation, Griffiths earned his master’s degree in Automotive Product Engineering at Cranfield Institute of Technology with a specialization in Vehicle Modeling and Lap Simulation.


Marissa Andretti

Marissa Andretti serves as Vice President of Andretti Global advising and strategizing on the team’s racing programs from a commercial perspective. In addition, she is Managing Director for Andretti Technologies [ATECH], where she develops and implements new strategies and projects across the commercial and competition sides of the business. She is currently spearheading the build of the new Andretti Global Headquarters in Fishers, Indiana. Nestled near the Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, this state-of-the-art 575,000 square foot facility will house Andretti Global’s current racing teams as well as serve as a key destination for the greater Indianapolis area

With racing in her DNA, Marissa has a deep passion for the sport. Upon graduating from college with degrees in business, sports management and marketing, she began her career in experiential marketing in South Florida but longed for the thrill of being back at a racetrack and the joy of being part of a team. In 2015, Marissa officially joined the family business helping expand partnerships and activations. With an interest in racing operations, she later grew into a project management role for the team’s branding-initiatives.

Marissa additionally leads the team’s sustainability initiatives as well as the team’s philanthropic endeavors via The Michael Andretti Foundation. Outside of the race team, Marissa is involved in several organizations including being an active member of Women in Motorsports North America working groups, the Indianapolis Airport Authority Advisory Committee, the Sports Tech HQ Advisory Board and is an Honorary Chair with Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.

VICE PRESIDENT, Partnership activations and communications

Ryann Weatherford

Native of northern Indiana, Ryann Weatherford is no stranger to the world of motorsport. Well-versed in all principles of the sport, Weatherford oversees the commercial department serving as the Vice President of Partnership Activations and Communications.

A graduate of Purdue University, Weatherford has been an asset to the Andretti Autosport team since 2007. After over a decade working alongside Michael Andretti, Weatherford’s experiences come from the worlds of INDYCAR, INDY NXT, Indy Pro 2000, USF2000, A1GP, GRC and ARX, Formula E, Extreme E, IMSA and GT4 America. With 15 series championships and three Indianapolis 500 victories on her resume, she has worked with numerous global brands and over 75 drivers including names like Marco Andretti, Tanner Foust, Danica Patrick, Fernando Alonso, Kurt Busch, Marcus Ericsson, and Ryan Hunter-Reay.

In her spare time, you can find Weatherford hiking and traveling with her husband, Jason, son, Porter, and their King Shepherds.

sustainability has no finish line


Our priority is to be a leader in racing’s sustainable future by implementing the highest standard of environmental sustainability practices. We proudly hold an ISO 14001:2025 Environmental Management Certification and are delighted that the Andretti Formula E team has earned the FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation. We continue to use our participation in these areas as a springboard to help progress our sustainability strategy as a business and in our individual race teams across the globe.

Andretti Technologies

Driving Forward

Driving to build on our foundation of racing heritage and intense competition, Andretti Technologies aims to develop dynamic and sustainable solutions for the motorsport, automotive and technology sectors. With dedication to using the experiences of yesterday and the advancements in technology learned from our global motorsport operations, we are helping to shape a better tomorrow and striving to meet the future needs of an ever-evolving world.

The Michael Andretti Foundation

Giving Back

The Michael Andretti Foundation was founded in 2003 following Michael’s retirement from full-time professional driving duties. Through donations, sponsorships and fundraising events, this 501(c)(3) foundation distributes funds to qualified non-profit organizations that promote programs for better health, education and the welfare of America’s children and citizens.